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SmartView Clip

A new twist on a sectional matrix ring — the SmartView Clip is designed to twist rather than bend.
This distributes stresses evenly across the entire surface of the Clip, making it easier to open while maintaining its shape even after repeated use.

The patent pending design of the SmartView Clip applies forces both perpendicular to the tooth and down toward the gingival margin – working with the natural contour of the tooth to seat it firmly in place every time – even with short or malpositioned teeth. In addition, this new shape virtually eliminates mid-procedure “spring-offs”.
Place the clip with interior notches with the stainless steel forceps.
Tips are a semi-pliable nylon material for a combination of strength and flexibility.
U-shaped slots that allow you to use your wedge of choice.
Most of the SmartView Clip operates at the gingival margin—allowing greater access to the prep area. This also allows the Clip to double as a rubber dam clamp.

smartview clip

SmartView Clip vs. the Standard Ring Design

force graphic

The SmartView Clip behaves more like a spring – where forces are concentrated lower, along the gingival margin and perpendicular to the tooth. This means the natural tendency of the SmartView Clip is to seat itself securely in a firm, downward direction.

The standard matrix ring has a centralized stress point which concentrates stored energy at an angle above the tine, giving it a tendency to pop up and out of the restoration.

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