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Coated SmartBands – Non-Stick For Easy Removal.

Most bonding agents contain metal bonding elements which can stick to metal matrices. Coated SmartBands have a nonreactive surface that does not adhere to the restoration after curing.
And like all Smartbands, the curve of the pronounced ridge on the occlusal margin creates just the right amount of contour for a class II.

coated bands


Each coated SmartBand is crafted with the following features:

  • Marginal ridge - minimal finishing.
  • SmartTab - sets the height of the matrix, protects the adjacent tooth and allows for easy removal.
  • Super thin - .001″ stainless steel for easy placement and removal.
  • Gingival extensions - smartly sized on each band.
  • Nonstick coating - keeps composites from bonding to the matrix.

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