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So who is DentiSmart?

We’re a new kind of dental product company focused on keeping it simple…

…by giving you a better product.

Many years in the dental industry has taught us a lot about the challenges Class II restorations present to the dental professional. It all started by watching many of the sectional matrix manufacturers in the market struggle with making a ring that doesn’t deform and break. In attempts to deal with these issues, rings were reinforced with various kinds of plastic and titanium. However, making a ring more rigid meant increasing amounts of force were needed to place the device. In order to deal with bending rings, special forceps were created to bend things back into place. And then, as with all metal bent in one place repeatedly, it eventually breaks.

Enter the SmartView Sectional Matrix System, which literally puts a new twist on the sectional matrix concept. Instead of bending, the SmartView Clip twists, evenly distributing forces throughout the device – making it much more robust and easier to place.

In addition to a more resilient disposition, the SmartView Clip also doubles as a rubber dam clamp. This translates into fewer steps, less clutter and with two devices combined into one, an overall better value.

Then we thought, “How can we make it easy to incorporate into a dental office inventory system?” The answer – make it available everywhere.
We live in a one-stop-shopping world. But oddly enough, the major sectional matrix manufacturers require you to make an extra call or click to order products directly from them. From a customer convenience point of view this did not make much sense. We thought, “Why not make SmartView sectional matrix supplies available from the dentists’ favorite distributor?” So that’s what we did. One by one, we are adding distributors to our network. If we are not already there, we are coming soon to a dealer near you.

As it turned out, the SmartView “Clip” idea and the desire to make it ultra-convenient to buy were revolutionary enough that a whole new company was needed to bring it to life. So here we are.

We look forward to helping make your life a little easier, one Class II restoration at a time.

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